The Umoja Foundation is a phygital art collectible project intent on building a boundless and equal future for all. Umoja's dreamlike generative artworks deliver real-world utility through direct impact humanitarian efforts.

Each piece is minted on the blockchain as an NFT to ensure immutability so you know it's yours.

Our proceeds provide for the residents of Dasom Ministries Orphanage in Kasubi, Uganda — along with many other locals in need — who are the creative visionaries behind every piece of art in our collection.

Thanks to your support, children dealt tougher hands in life are able to not only survive through continuous access to clean water, nutritious food, medicine, clothing, and shelter, but they are able to thrive thanks to ongoing education and expansion efforts.

Your investment in Umoja yields more than beautiful artwork — it’s a contribution to and a symbol of your interest in the betterment of the world.

Together, we can redistribute opportunity and create a world with equal access for all.

Current collections

  • The Beginning: Inaugural collection, 30 editions per piece
  • AR: Prints with augmented reality feature, 15 editions per piece
  • Forever: Show your support anytime, endless editions